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The WHS Varsity Hockey team participated in Pam's LEADERSHIP workshop. Her classroom presentation was outstanding as she had 26 players on the edge of their seats. Her gymnasium presentation was even more impressive as players worked through a variety of leadership activities. Pam's approach is extremely interactive and I feel that we are a much better team as a result of  this workshop and highly recommend it.

John Maguire

Waltham High School Varsity Hockey Coach

  I can not say enough about the positive experience my team had with Pam Vaughan's LEADERSHIP field session and lecture. She had an abundance of field exercises that brought out many issues that teams face during the season and she is excellent at extrapolating the nuances that promote great leadership amongst the whole team, not just the captains. Pam is very professional and has a wealth of knowledge that she shared with my team on leadership and MENTAL TOUGHNESS.  Her training sessions are organized, well thought out and extremely effective.

We will be calling on her services in the very near future.

Denise Dallamora, Head Soccer Coach 

Brandeis University

For the last 7 years, Pam Vaughan has run a LEADERSHIP workshop to kick off the school year for our captains and student-leaders. She has also run a TEAM BUILDING and a MENTAL TOUGHNESS workshop for one of our state finalist's teams. Pam has a great rapport with her audience and her hands-on approach of teaching is informative as well as engaging. Pam is extremely organized and has a vast knowledge on leadership, mental toughness and team building. Overall, the workshops have been a positive experience for our students-athletes. Everyone left with something that could benefit them as an individual, and therefore, positively impact their respective teams. We are happy to have her returning again to kick off next season!

Tania Rich, Director of Athletics

Nashoba Regional High School 


Pam has been a guest speaker in my Sport's Psychology class for several years. Her workshops are interactive, fun, and informative.

  Pam strikes a great balance by engaging the students with games and movement, but also delivering stories and content that help them understand the underlying concepts. The students walk away with a comprehensive understanding of mental toughness, opponent awareness, and positive  self-talk. Lastly, Pam is a great role model for young student athletes. Her natural competitiveness and intensity is contagious and it makes students excited about sports!

Veronica Barilla, LICSW

School Counselor

St. Mark's School

Pam Vaughan lead a TEAM BUILDING workshop for our Information System department. It was awesome! Pam was extremely organized and the workshop was on point to help demonstrate the benefits of a collaborative team. With new employees being hired to our department, we were looking to create a positive culture and improve team dynamics. With fun, creative activities and stories, Pam focused on how our team can improve communication, build trust, and encourage responsibility. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the activities and were engaged throughout the workshop. Everyone left with something that could benefit them as an individual, and therefore, positively impact our team.

Jill Jakubowicz, Analyst

Aras Corporation

Pam Vaughan presented her MENTAL TOUGHNESS workshop to a group of sixteen middle and high school girls —ranging in age from twelve to sixteen. The group included Girl Scouts, theater arts performers, athletes, and academic high achievers. Her conversational style engaged the girls and the activities she chose demonstrated her points simply and effectively. Pam uses real world examples to demonstrate how kids can work through their missteps and manage disappointments and mistakes. Pam’s energy and enthusiasm for her topic and her passion for teaching the girls shone through every moment of the two-hour workshop. Her expertise stems from more than a twenty years working with kids of all ages. I particularly related to her discussion of how to manage “negative self-talk,” which is something I’ve observed with teen girls over the years. I would recommend any of Pam’s workshops for kids of all ages—and both genders. I would love to have her come back !


Kristine Carlson Asselin, Girl Scout Troop Leader
Author of Any Way You Slice It and  Art of the Swap


The TEAM BUILDING event that Pam Vaughan ran for our high school baseball Program was outstanding in every way. We were looking for a way to get our team to bond in a fun, educational, and competitive way and what Pam provided for us was a home run. She put together a program that kept us active, adding twists to keep our players challenged mentally and physically, and when we completed an exercise she took the time to explain how these exercises related to baseball and the importance of being a good teammate. 

I knew that Pam had been an outstanding high school coach before she started her consulting business, so I was eager to see what made her such a great coach. She has so much passion and energy that you can't help but give your best when she is running you through the various exercises. High school kids can be a little skeptical about trying new ideas like teambuilding, but after the event my players commented how much fun they had and how many of the older players felt a much better connection with their younger, less experienced teammates. When I heard that it reinforced what I had seen and felt as well. Thank you Pam for a job well done. 

Steven LaForest, Director of Athletics

Waltham High School 

Pam did a workshop with the focus on MENTAL TOUGHNESS for our varsity soccer team. The activities and information were well received by the players. Throughout the season, the players, particularly the captains would remind the team of points received during the clinic. Following our first loss of the season, the captains spoke of the need to respond in a way that demonstrated mental toughness. As a reminder, each player used something Pam gave to them for our next match, a victory. I would recommend any and all of the workshops that Pam offers. It certainly played a part in our  district championship season and an opportunity to play in the state final match.

Thank you Pam.

Scott Taggart, Varsity Soccer Coach

Algonquin High School


 Pam Vaughan worked with our college team this past fall, and ran a couple of training sessions that truly enhanced the performance of our athletes. She challenged them mentally, technically, and physically. The sessions she ran were not only challenging but incredibly fun for our players. Her passion for the game truly resonates with the players she coaches and creates a really positive learning environment.

We used a lot of what she taught our players throughout the remainder of our season!

Mary Shimko, Assistant Soccer Coach

Brandeis University

The varsity girls' soccer team participated in the TEAM BUILDING workshop. Pam made an immediate connection with the players and had them engage in various 'synergy-focused' activities around the field. Each activity was accompanied by a personal anecdote or a compelling tale. The games and activities were designed to encourage players to work with each other, to be competitive, to have fun, and to reflect.
Pam kept the energy-level high. Our team walked away from this session with the understanding that "everybody is somebody" and our team defines their own success.

Sydney Bailey, Varsity Soccer Coach

Waltham High School


The games really portrayed the power of teamwork, communication and support. I thought the duration of the workshop was perfectly timed.

I also liked how it was split into two sections. I loved the video clips and thought it was great to see leadership in action.

The workshop was very well put together and well thought out. Thank you again!

High School Senior


Being around Pam inspired me to want to learn how to be a better leader. She exposed us to different types of leadership and I liked how she taught us strategies and gave us real examples. Hands on learning through dynamic games, videos, and activities was more interesting than reading it from a book or a lecture.

NCAA Student-Athlete

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